Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Wonderland, which is rare around here this winter.

The first one was at 7:00 this morning, with a flash. Then I got the same tree with some daylight. You can see that the depth of the snow on the deck bench isn't all that great, given that this is late January.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letting God off the Hook (???)

Richard Kauffman asks some good questions about the God of the Bible and why the destruction in Haiti happened.

And Debra Samuelson asks Is our Hope Lost? about the death of seminarian Ben Larson in Haiti.

Monday, January 18, 2010

When the Devil rides to work on a snow mobile.

OK, Dr. John, I'll play.

Completely copied from Dr. John:
It would replace the old “ When hell freezes over”.

It’s new. Its lighter. It has a better feel but it means the same thing.

Suppose, for example, you were a liberal Democrat and somebody asked are you going to vote for Sarah Palin in the next Presidential election?
You could respond “ Ya sure when the devil rides to work on a snow mobile.”

Or if you were a conservative Republican and somebody asked if you intended to vote for Obama the next time around.
You could respond “ Ya sure when the devil rides to work on a snow mobile.”

What I want to do is get the phrase out into general usage.
I need you to put it on your blog with a call to replace “ When Hell freezes over with it”
This is our chance to create an idiom.

Come join me.

Don't wait until " The Devil rides to work on a snow mobile."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watching coverage of Haiti

I'm sort of compelled to watch the news.  I have to turn it off sometimes, especially if I'm eating.  Is that guilt or just sensitivity?  But I think it is important to be linked to the humanity in another place, another culture, another level of financial situations.  It is all too easy to get into a "blame the victim" mind set.  If people here could only realize that poor people almost always work harder than anybody they know here, they would be humbled.  They can only work with what they have.


In another context one time a friend said to me, "I did the best with what I had at the time."  That should be a life lesson for all of us.  It is Grace when we find out later that we've made mistakes.  It gives Hope in what we do now.  It should make us less judgmental about the lives other people live, wherever they are.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pawlenty announces deal on Lake Vermilion state park | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

Pawlenty announces deal on Lake Vermilion state park | Minnesota Public Radio NewsQ

This is a once in a life time opportunity to save a section of lake shore on one of the most beautiful lakes in the US. I'm glad that the political winds blew in the right direction to make this happen. It might never have happened without the politicians egos and the recession making the sale of the parcels to individuals not as likely.

I'm labeling this with God's world and Stewardship, for certainly those two are linked.

Lots on Lake Vermilion here.

Map here showing parks.

New Article here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Relief

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the island country of Haiti on Tuesday, January 12. Buildings are destroyed, the search for survivors is intense and the streets of Haiti are filled with people in shock and searching for loved ones among the rubble. ELCA Disaster Response partners have survived the quake and are already working to serve the people of Haiti.

Your help is needed today to bring immediate relief and continued hope for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. About 3 million people, one-third of Haiti’s population, were affected by this earthquake.

One hundred percent of your donation will be used for the relief efforts in Haiti.

Donate here.