Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back on Line

I'm back on line and on the computer. Actually, I was on line when the computer was away to the shop by going on other computers elsewhere. Or on my phone. I was charged for 4 hours of work, but the fix took them, they said, over 40 hours. No wonder they aren't making a good living at this work! After I got the computer back, I still had to go in and get lots of the data and files from my portable hard drive, and copy them back to the clean hard drive in the computer. I also had to make sure all the old emails and contact lists were reinstalled, as well as some programs that I use. Very time consuming.
What I learned: If you get a pop-up that might look like it is from Microsoft or some other supposedly trusted site, that doesn't mean that it is legitimate. I knew right away that what I had was a fake. The mistake I made was trying to click the X to get rid of it. DON'T DO THAT. Just shut down the computer in the normal way, immediately. The computer tech told me he had the same pop-up the day before I picked up the computer. It infected the hard drive as well as my external back up drive. What a mess.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dealing with addiction withdrawl

My computer is in the shop due to a virus . Actually  it seems to have several hundred viruses. I was told that the technician thought it was fixed a couple of times but then when he rebooted the machine, the viruses were back, and he can't pinpoint the actual bad file.

So, I AM reading blogs I like through another  computer , using a feed reader, but posting any comments is difficult and takes too many slow steps.

Whenever I get my computer back, I'll either be happily weaned off of my blog and commentary addiction or I'll be even hungrier to get back on the web for real time reading.