Friday, July 21, 2006

Coming and Going in the Summer

One of the commenters asked about my being gone for awhile. This has to do with children, grown and younger, some of whom will be coming and going from the house, and some we will be visiting. And we have just learned that a close family member has a serious health problem. That whole situation hasn't quite sunk into my emotions yet.

I've been itching to blog about two books I've read. I think I need to at least make notes before I forget everything at this busy time.

Summer blessings. I hope you've been able to stay cool enough to be healthy. I went from a hot and humid place to an area of cool nights. I'm actually slept under two blankets last night.


  1. God's blessings on your travels, and those who travel to be with you. And, prayers be with you and your family as you try to wrap your head around health problems.

  2. What about "winter blessings" for those of us on the other side of the world who are really missing the warmth of summer and BBQs and swimming and .... holidays!
    Enjoy visiting with your family and may you make more precious memories together!


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