Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh, Lord, I need patience and grace toward others!

I'm once again far from home, dealing with the family situation I've alluded to earlier. My family member has been moved to another care facility which, I hope, will work out well in the long run for her.

What is "the long run" when we are dealing with the elderly? The other person and I, who are in charge of all of this, have had to make decisions based on some assumptions and on input from the elderly person, even when we might not agree with it.

The "other person" has some different strengths and professional background than I do, so that part is working out well, since my work background is also helpful. However, the other person and I are driving each other crazy, due to our very strong foibles. I feel like I'm getting stuck doing things we should share, because she backs out. But, I'm holding to some boundaries of my own. Lord, help us both!

Yet, we are able to have moments of joy and laughter with our elderly loved one.

I am so looking forward to getting home again. Now I have to look at forecasts before I drive, darn it. The weather doesn't look good for driving this coming week.

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