Monday, December 11, 2006

The God’s Child Project

Some of my family traveled in Guatemala in 2002 to do a service project with the Gods’ Child Project. There they met the founder, Patrick Atkinson, saw the needs of the people, helped distribute clothing, and helped build two houses for two families in need.

This organization is based in Bismarck, North Dakota, serves people in Guatemala, El Salvador, Malawi, and in the southern part of the US, including people displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

When my teenage son came back, in winter, he was wearing sandals. “Its winter in Minnesota,” I reminded him, at the airport. But he had given his shoes to help the poor people who come to the Dreamer Center in Guatemala. I was impressed that he had seen this need and acted on it. He hadn’t given away “extra” shoes, but the only pair he had taken with him. His shoes at home were too small.

This trip gave my children a small taste of life in another country and an exposure to the struggles that many people, especially children, in other countries face every day.

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Please consider a gift, large or small, to this worthy organization. Perhaps even give up something so that The God’s Child Project can help others. Thank You!

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