Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Search engine for baby boomers.

"Cranky is a specialty search engine designed to please aging baby boomers by processing every request from the perspective of someone who is at least 50 years old." Article here.

I'm trying to decide whether to be glad or insulted.

My biggest problem with web searches is that the links come up without regard to how old the info is. I'm always wondering what will happen in two years or ten? Instead of 100,000 hits, will I get 1,000,000 hits?

The actual searching doesn't bother me....I had to do so, so many research papers in high school, that I got used to the old fashioned search process. I think I did more researching in high school than most college kids do these days. They just need to sit in their dorm room, TV on in the background, and use their computer. ..... And while I'm complaining and comparing, just think how much easier it is to do a paper when you have a computer and word processor. Who remembers the old days of manual typewriters and ten page term papers? And yes, I walked to school a mile, up hill both directions. Actually, the road was flat, but it was a mile.

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