Friday, August 17, 2007

Giving, Tithing

I copied this tithing thought from Lemonholm. Well, I guess he copied it too.

Christian thinker Ron Sider has figured out that if all the Christians in the USA alone were to tithe – give 10% of our income – we could provide basic nutrition and healthcare to all the poor in the world, and have about $70 billion left over each year.

How differently the Third World would see the USA if it was our priority to save life rather than to take it! The best way to store up treasure in heaven is to give our earthly treasure to people in need. As St. Augustine said, the bellies of the poor are the best storerooms for our extra grain.


  1. I like that. Can I use that in my next newsletter?

  2. How about contacting Pastor Lemonholm to see where he got it, or check the link to his blog to see if there are more specific citations.

  3. yeah, I'll check this site too. thanks!


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