Monday, February 06, 2006

Stewardship ...

There is a fine line between getting up and giving a Stewardship talk and getting up and doing a fund raising talk. I've been involved with the stewardship committee in my church for years and I've given many talks. I've always believed that the most important thing was education about stewardship, i.e. making conscious decisions about our time, talents and resources. But usually, we've felt we are preaching to the choir.

Today I gave a "temple talk" which is what we call our stewardship talks. I walked that line between education and fundraising. Our emphasis this year is that we might choose to honor someone by giving a gift to our church instead of giving them a Christmas gift. My talk was well received and I managed to throw in some humor, which I think makes it easier for people to listen and perhaps makes the talk more memorable, which is the point.

On the purely money side of things: Our treasurer told me she received 20 more of our special stewardship gift envelopes in the collection plate just today!

Originally posted 12/11/2005

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