Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Immoral use of Morality"

Weekend Fisher has posted an interesting discussion of the "immoral use of morality" in the debate about homosexuality Pet Peeves in Homosexuality Debate

This article helps me see why I'm not comfortable with the arguments used by some people that I probably agree with. And why I'm not being swayed by the other arguments. Great job, WF!


  1. Thank you for the link. (And I was halfway expecting to get lynched by cyber-trolls for what I posted ...)

  2. Maybe you saw my post a week or two ago about logical arguments had how they are NOT being used by the news comentators, politicians, and so-called experts on the TV shows. And apparently not being taught in the schools.

    So your commentary was refreshing. It comes at the same thing through another angle.

  3. The June 15 one? I hadn't seen it before but that's a good one. I see so many of the same things you mentioned in the news also in the online debates. I was tempted to pick bifurcation and say that's the most overused and misapplied ... but then I started looking at the others. They all are. Sigh.


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