Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Prayer in song.

Singer/Songwriter, Laura Cohn Adds The Name Allah To Her Spiritual Song “Wakantanka” In Response To Anti-Semitic And Anti-Israel Muslim Politics

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"About Laura Cohn:
Laura Cohn is an advocate of new thinking and takes issue when unconscious behavior is being promoted in the news. She particularly seeks to infuse accepted beliefs with new ideas so that people will not automatically buy into what they are being “sold” as necessary in society that does not serve the greater good for all people living on the planet now and in future generations. She is currently performing around LA."
Knowing nothing about this song or songwriter, I am not endorsing her or the song or the prayer. But I thought that the concept is interesting and worthy of thought and consideration.
I am grateful for a class in high school that taught me to look for bias and slant in the news and other media by looking at the words chosen to portray an issue. Too often we are asked to accept a slanted version of something as the whole truth. Too often we are asked to label groups of people as Other, so that we can put them on a step lower than our step. It sure isn't always easy, but I try to remember that all people were made by "my God."


  1. Too often we are asked to accept a slanted version of something as the whole truth

    We had a conversation about this is Bible study today. To blindly trust seems so dangerous, especially when thinking about media (be it news media or entertainment or anything else). If I am hearing something on the news or reading something that is presented as fact, i wok from the assumption that there are lies present.

    Of course, my anthropology is a bit low! ;-)

  2. It has been a long time since I've studied various types of arguments and false arguments, but I ran across a short list recently. If I can find it, I'll post it.

  3. A good friend and Bible Study partner for many years used to tell us to not necessarily accept anything that a pastor said as the truth. Look into the Bible to verify it.

    Interestingly, a woman joined our study who brought with her a phrase and concept she had heard repeatedly in her former church. We had never heard of it, so finally we consulted various concordances and IT WASN'T IN THE BIBLE!


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