Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Solve the world's problems....

I get news links on myYahoo under various topics that interest me. One today said,
"Christian Book Solves World Problems"

It went on to say,

A book entitled “The Unveiling of the Trinity,” provides the foundation for a common ground platform between the three major monotheistic world religions; Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The book offers a new look at the Trinity that could bring them closer to unity than any other source.

and it also said,

Bible scholars have searched for centuries for the answer to the mystery of the Trinity. "The Unveiling of the Trinity" is the one book that finally and completely does away with that so-called mystery commonly associated with the Trinity. It uncovers the element of God that the framers of the doctrine of the Trinity failed to document at the Nicene Council and it answers all the hard questions of the skeptic and non-believer with down-to-earth biblical answers.


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