Monday, September 25, 2006

Does your church have active members?

I heard this little story on the radio while I was traveling: A pastor was asked, “How many of your church members are active members?”
He answered, “They are all active members. Most are actively busy building up the church. The rest are busy tearing down the church.”


  1. That is very cute. It is amazing what happens when just a handful of discontents unleash their ire on a church of active and happy folks.

    Not that I would know! ;-)

    Good to see you back!

  2. Yes, can't they ever cause a stink. With our last full time pastor, we had a "gentleman" who would drive by the church every day at various times to see if the pastor's car was there so he could legitimately complain that the pastor was "never at the church." He also complained that the pastor had "never visited him." But when asked point blank, he said he had never invited the pastor to his house. Then he carried on about how people weren't making their teens go to church, but his weren't there. Then he carried on about how the new pastor was going to bring in people who would bring in more money. Now we have a new pastor, who is terrific, but he isn't in church at all.

    So it goes.

    But I guess God loves these people too.

    When I step back from it, I wonder what the burr in their side really is.


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