Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stewardship book recommendation

Our church is at the beginning of a stewardship campaign, actually a mega-fund raiser, for a building project.  Part of the process, under the auspices of the ELCA Stewardship Key Leaders program, is for some members of the congregation to be part of the leadership process within our church.  One of their assignments is to read the book, “Ask, Thank, Tell” (Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation) by Charles R. Lane


I am recommending this book, not because I’ve read it yet, but because my husband is reading it and reporting to me that it is an excellent book, well written, easy to read, grounded in the Bible.  He says it presents the Biblical message of stewardship in ways that makes one think. 


He does not praise any book lightly.  And he has read a number of books on stewardship, service, and giving, so he has a lot to compare this to. 


And yes, I do hope to read the book, but I have some heavy family issues weighing on me in the next few months, and I know I will be away more than half of October.  I wanted to post this while I could.



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