Sunday, March 22, 2009


My friend just emailed me to say that she will shortly be unemployed.  She does healthcare for children…I won’t say what exactly.  That is supposed to be a field that is immune from the recession.  Yeah right.  Her employer claims that there is another agency that does the same work, but, of course, the people in her office would know if that were so.  It isn’t.  She is in a small enough city that if there were such an agency, they would all know each other.  They are suspicious that the work will now be foisted onto the school districts, like they can stand to add more to their workload.  There is no safety net for these children.


I certainly understand budget tightening during this time of tight budgets, but let’s be honest about what is happening.  Our governor has used his position to have “no new taxes” during his time in office.  That has meant using up the reserves and pushing services onto lower levels of government, i.e. increasing the property taxes, because services have to happen in cities and towns.  Well, now the towns are laying off the police officers and he is criticizing this. 


This is what happens when a certain political party puts out the propaganda that paying taxes isn’t patriotic. 


  1. Exactly and also lining up with your "base" so that you have a shot at the nomination in 2012. Ugly

  2. But it isn't a party thing. Wisconsin has a Democratic governor and the school district where my son works is laying off needed teachers and the family counseling agency where my daughter works just let one counselor go.


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