Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was walking around the yard yesterday, thinking: Why does the grass grow so well in the flower gardens, when there are bare spots in the lawn? And why do the weeds grow so well, no matter where they root? Then....hey, maybe there is a spiritual lesson in that somewhere.

And that made me think of one of the reasons I started blogging: to take simple, ordinary daily actions and thoughts and become aware of, and write about, spiritual lessons in them.

I've gotten away from that; I've gotten away from blogging. I have had a number of things in mind to blog about, but sometimes these are too big to pin down properly. Sometimes I'm aware that my thoughts and opinions really "need" to be supported by some concrete "facts" which means I need to figure out where I learned about the background of the subject. [I'm trying to avoid being either BO from Fox or MO, one of our state's representatives to Washington. Not that people on the other side of the aisle don't spout opinions without backing them up.]

So then I procrastinate or blog-o-vate. Plus, I do have a life. In the last couple of months I've been away to visit by elderly relatives, I've babysat my grandsons, and I attended my son's wedding. And I really need to be outside when it is warm. Plus, I've been plagued by a series of viruses which took down my energy level.

Back to the weeds: At least they are green, so my lawn mostly looks green, but weeds have the unfortunate characteristic of crowding out the plants and grass, that we think are desirable. There are many activities in life that can take over our thoughts and time and crowd out what we might state are our real priorities, such as our worship of God, our families, our health, for example. Small things grow and take over our lives if we don't occasionally step back and recognize that our actual priorities are known by how we spend out time, not what we say.

Various activities, not just "sins," can take us away from our intentions to love God with our whole hearts and love our families and neighbors.

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  1. Actually the only thing that makes a plant a weed is the fact that we don't want them there. They are not any different than the other plants and the reason they grow so well is usually because the belong there - not the stuff we want there.

    I'm sure there is a spiritual lesson there as well!


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