Sunday, January 17, 2010

Watching coverage of Haiti

I'm sort of compelled to watch the news.  I have to turn it off sometimes, especially if I'm eating.  Is that guilt or just sensitivity?  But I think it is important to be linked to the humanity in another place, another culture, another level of financial situations.  It is all too easy to get into a "blame the victim" mind set.  If people here could only realize that poor people almost always work harder than anybody they know here, they would be humbled.  They can only work with what they have.


In another context one time a friend said to me, "I did the best with what I had at the time."  That should be a life lesson for all of us.  It is Grace when we find out later that we've made mistakes.  It gives Hope in what we do now.  It should make us less judgmental about the lives other people live, wherever they are.


  1. What has happened in Haiti, and what is happening there now, is positively heartbreaking. I can hardly bear to watch the news.

  2. Almost half a million feared death and survivors are fighting for food,water and shelters..let us all pray for there would be no more's truly heartbreaking.

  3. I did a link on my blog to my daughter in laws blog who has some worthwhile information on this subject..
    Your right about some "blame the victim" going around. Those people tend to have a common viewpoint on several subjects.

  4. TB: you speak in diplomatic language. Many of us aren't so neutral with our words, thereby sinking to the same level as those others.


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