Thursday, February 25, 2010

A voice now with the Lord

I've been reading the blog of Dr. John, retired Lutheran pastor, living in Wisconsin. He faithfully posted every day, reflecting on faith in life, sometimes commenting on politics, and also creating an imaginary world of fun, but often with a deep meaning. He wrote about his health struggles which often kept him confined, but he traveled the world through the internet.

Since there had been no blog post for a couple of weeks, I went to the last posting and read the comments, where it some blog friends reported that Dr. John, child of God, had moved on to heaven. I miss him. I can imagine that he was a wonderfully warm pastor in the churches he served, reflecting the love and grace of God that had changed his life.


  1. I learned of his passing via another blogger on my reader (Jeff Bach -A Word in Edgewise) last Tuesday. If you check my post from either last Tuesday or maybe as late as Wednesday about A Bend in the Road, you can click into Dr. John's wife's blog and convey your condolences to the family from the link I have there.

  2. oh, so sorry to hear about Dr. John! He was a wonderful voice. and seemed to be a good pastor.

  3. I'm sorry too. I didn't often comment, but I often read his blog and admired him very much. I'll check out Jeni's link.


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