Thursday, May 18, 2006

Linked with Christians around the Globe.

Linked with Christians around the Globe

Dietrich Bonhoffer said in Life Together:

It is the voice of the Church that is heard in singing together. It is not you that sings, it is the Church that is singing, and you, as a member of the Church, may share in its song. Thus all singing together…serves to widen our spiritual horizon, make us see our little company as a member of the great Christian Church on earth, and help us willingly and gladly to join our singing, be it feeble or good, to the song of the Church.

I like this thought.

Some time ago, a pastor preached a Maundy Thursday sermon about the Last Supper and the Communion we were about to partake in. He emphasized that through the communion, the bread and the wine, we were not only fed by Christ, but we were linked, “in communion,” with the members of Christ’s church all over the world, including those from all the past centuries who were now with God, and those of the time to come. This thought has stayed with me when we celebrate communion.

Bonhoffer’s thought may serve to remind me of why we sing. It is a good reason to try music from other cultures and from other times.

My jumping off point for this thought is from Lutheran Zephry Christian Worship & the Pastor's Personality” at

Lutheran Zephyr


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  2. (I deleted the old one because of numerous spelling errors)

    I have always enjoyed this part of Life Together, except for when Bonhoeffer begins to argue that singing in harmony is not something to be done in worship. If I remember correctly, he equates this practice to Christians being in discord, and the example he shares is of someone bellowing loudly their own line only for the purpose of others hearing their beautiful voice.

    I will admit that I've come across people that seem to use a hymn to prove their worthiness of a Broadway role. However, that is a rare occasion.

    I agree with Bonhoeffer's philosophy behind the song in worship up to his remarks on harmony; it's not a sign of discord, it is a sign of people of various backgrounds / cultures / experiences joining together as one in song. I feel this expression is far better than viewing the church as a place of conforming.

    (we also must remember that some hymns were written to be sung in harmony, just as some are written to be sung in unison)


  3. oh. and how I love singing!! my voice is often off-key and my throat frequently constricts too much...but still I love belting out my love for G-d in song.

    good quote from Bonhoffer.



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