Thursday, May 04, 2006

National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer


I guess today is the National Day of Prayer.  This is something I don’t pay much attention to because I don’t like much about public showiness of religion.  I do think it is good that a number of politicians in Washington and elsewhere do get together on a regular basis for sharing their faith and prayer.  However, this annual day gets on the television, which I think is the purpose more than praying is the purpose.


I do want to note with sadness something that seems to be common when a public person comments on a heartbreaking event.  Many of these speakers, interviewees, and commentators have said, “We send our prayers out to her.”  Or “Send your prayers in his direction.”




Don’t prayers go (up) to God?  I don’t know that God is “up,” but that is the common metaphor.  Maybe prayers go out to God or over to God or down to God, but they aren’t meant to go TO the person prayed about. 


I haven’t quite figured out if this is a tongue tied expression from someone not used to speaking of faith related issues in public or perhaps it is an attempt by the person to jump on the current band wagon of public faith issues, but that person isn’t literate in churchy talk, and so makes this mistake.


Has anyone else noticed this?


What do you think?  Am I too cynical?



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