Wednesday, May 10, 2006

pathetic and glad

I checked the email address associated with this blog and there were 5 email!  Hooray. 
I'm glad I checked it because there was a very detailed reply to the questions I posed and there was a reply regarding a trip I'm taking to Philly and LTSP next week. 
But the other emails:  a couple of emails to myself because I was checking to see if that address was actually working.  Sheesh.
And a spam.  Weird spam of the same type I've been getting at my main address for the last three months in increasing numbers.  It has an odd pastel background, a very blocky font, odd syntax, and about economic stuff.  I've only scanned my eyes over it.  My ISP is now filtering me with the Spam Assassin, and I filter suspected spam right to the delete file.  However, I do have to double check at times because sometimes a good email also gets filtered out.
I think that this particular type of spam has something to do with blogger/blogspot or blogs in general because the more I've been blogging and reading blogs, the more of these I've gotten.  And now this has followed me to my blog email as well.  Our household does not get these at our other email address.
I guess I just felt that I was pathetic to get excited about the number of emails. 

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  1. Hello! I've been reading your blog and I like your posts. You mentioned going up to LTSP - are you thinking of going there? In the discernment process? I have been in discernment and plan on entering seminary fall of '07. Just curious and wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog!


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