Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Flower

The Bleeding Heart

I am grateful for all of those who served our country, especially those who put themselves in harms way, to protect us and our liberties. I am grateful to live in a country where I can worship freely and say or write things that might criticize those in positions of authority.

Pray for our men and women serving our country, especially those in harms way. They see things they shouldn't see. Their hearts are bleeding.

Pray for the families of those serving overseas. Pray for those left behind by the death of a loved one killed in the service of our country. Their hearts are bleeding.

Pray especially for those many men and women who return home with injuries. There sacrifice will go on for years. Pray for the men and women who serve our military people with their medical skills. Their hearts are bleeding.

Pray for our leaders, that they will seek peace and the long term good of our people and the people of the whole world. Let them see that hearts are bleeding.

Pray for the leaders of countries that are our allies.
Let them see that hearts are bleeding.

Pray for our enemies, as Jesus commanded us. Pray that all leaders will seek the good of all mankind.
Let them see that hearts are bleeding. Let hearts not bleed for selfish purposes.

Pray for those who serve others as missionaries and in agencies which want to help get food to starving people, build houses for the homeless, and teach skills for better living. They serve those whose hearts are bleeding.

Pray that citizens have good judgment about which policies of their government are wise and in line with God’s will. Pray that citizens will speak up when their government has policies that harm people or the earth. When hearts bleed, let there be voices speaking God's will.

Pray that none of us gets so callous or self-centered that our hearts don’t bleed when we hear of harm done to others.

Dear Lord: We are thankful for our freedoms. Thank you for those who gave that we might have freedom. Teach us to work for the good of the whole world. And teach us ways to work for freedom in ways that don’t involve war. Please bring forth leaders with new insights and good skills who look to you for strength.Amen.
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