Thursday, August 16, 2007

No, I'm not sick, but thanks for your concern!

I haven’t blogged much lately because of my 10 day trip to Philadelphia, then having one daughter home for a few days, then catching up on things, then having my son home for the weekend. I will be out of town again for a week of vacation combined with helping out a (different) relative who just got released from a nursing home. I’m putting in a plug for going to a theater for a play during this vacation. It has been decades since I’ve been to the theater.

I had a biopsy of a dark mole. Nothing alarming, just prudent.

Summer is almost over. We’ve been having what is called “good sleeping weather:” the days are warm or almost hot, but the nights are fairly cool. With the heat turned off and a few windows open, the house might cool down to 60 by morning. Eat your heart out, Southerners! That includes those of you in southern Minnesota who live in hot apartment buildings.

I’ve been in a creative slump, combined with too much blogging, so I haven’t gotten some of my “creative intentions” even started this summer. Maybe in September I’ll have time to dive into my sewing again. I need to make a stole for an ordination as well as a jumper for my trip to Africa. Time sure flies, even when you’re blogging.


  1. How I miss that good sleeping weather. Last night is was cool here as well; only 78 degrees with 85% humidity.

  2. Good...glad the biopsy went okay.

  3. Trip to Africa? My sister just returned from 3.5 weeks in Ghana. You might want to check out her blog -- it is on my blog linked as Bonnie under Not Quilters' Blogs.

    Tell more?

  4. take care! glad you're back!


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