Friday, December 21, 2007


I follow a couple of blog analysis sites to see what gets people to my blogs. I'm sometimes amused and sometimes a bit perplexed at what constitutes a key phrase to steer someone in my direction. For example, a commenter might use one word or phrase because of disagreeing with me, so my blog comes up when Googled. Other times, a person making the inquiry neglects to use quotation marks around a slightly long phrase. The individual words, but not the phrase, matches several words in a blog post and in my side bar.

Today my blog got a hit because of the phrase Nude--amateur--photos. The post that was referenced was about how I look at the sky each morning. The word starting with N wasn't even in the post. Probably not in my whole blog. I'm hoping that putting in the dashes will prevent further hits. Probably not.

It might be fairly easy to comment on blogs so as to steer unwanted traffic in that direction or get someone on a list of unwanted associations.


  1. I am always amazed at what brings folks to my blog. As you say, the wordsare often not to be found anywhere on my site at all, yet they still come. I hope they find something on my site that makes them think any way.

    That being said, I do enjoy your blog very much and I am glad I found it all those months ago.

  2. I with David...people come by my blog in the strangest ways and I too hope that they find something of value by stopping by. I guess that is why we write...right?


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