Friday, December 21, 2007

What was it like for my mom when....?

We will be going from empty nest to having three adult children plus a son-in-law, plus son's girlfriend, plus two grandchildren, home for Christmas, if the snow storms don't mess up the driving. This will be the first time that all are home at the same time, and the most we've ever had here for several days.

We are quite happy with our usual solitude in this house, so having everybody here will be an adjustment. If they all pitch in, even the meals will go well. Of course that means that certain adult children can't revert to childhood patterns. :-) In any case, it will be an "adjustment."

My own mom isn't up to traveling these days, so she'll be alone. I started to think about her and my dad, and what it must have been like when I came home from college (and reverted to some childhood patterns!) Or later when she was a widow and we came home with the kids. She was about the same age I am now when I had my first child and when we had three, she was pushing 70 already.

I'm sure that I had NO CLUE in those days that any one had to adjust when we breezed in. We just took it for granted that if we said we were visiting, all was well. Oh, the obliviousness of youth!

My prayer for our family and for yours is that you will be aware of the blessings of togetherness, that this will be greater than the work involved in caring for all who come home for Christmas, and that you make many good memories together.


  1. (((((PS)))))) I hope all went well. Thanks for the pic of you and Mom. You are so pretty!

  2. Thanks! All did go well and everybody pitched in. I guess that they are all grown up now and realize what it is like to do all that preparation.

    Thanks for the compliment. I often don't photograph well, but this one was good, done with the camera set on timer, so I had the nerve to post it.

    I sure can relate to SO on how great it is to be with the grandkids.

  3. Merry Christmas (late) to you. still somewhat disorganized after Christmas, but working on it.

    Hope your full house was also lively and peaceful.


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