Monday, January 07, 2008

A church with a friendly atmosphere

During my long drive yesterday, we got to discussing many topics. One topic that came up was churches and church members that are friendly and supportive. I've experience both ends of the friendliness spectrum in churches I've attended and visited. I was attempting to explain how supportive our church was compared to the one I grew up in. I also wanted her to know how fortunate she was to be a part of that community.

However, my companion told me in no uncertain terms that churches are always friendly because they are always trolling for new members and financial support!

I was also told that if a church and its members came across to me as unfriendly or rude, it was because of the demeanor that I projected when I attended that church and attempted to talk to the people there.

Obviously there was no further discussion on this topic. See link.

Oh, to be a Princess..........


  1. I think I am going to have to disagree with your friend. I have been to churches where the folks were none too friendly. Many churches in fact are NOT looking for new members unless they meet a certain unwritten standard.

  2. Oh, dear, I was hoping you would catch the "snark" factor in my writing. During the whole trip, everything I said was WRONG in her 'humble' opinion.

  3. oops...I guess the lack of sleep the past couple of nights has lowered my ability to catch subtle messages (my daughter has a double ear infection so I am getting a bit woozy myself).

  4. Ha ... good reason to be woozy. The Princess had me up 2 - 4 times/night from age 2 to age 4. I was more (is is it less) than a bit woozy. I was b+ itch.

  5. That's hilarious. And frustrating.

    Just to commiserate here, I once got into a discussion about how the church I'm in doesn't help single mothers. (It was a blog discussion so that my bristling temper didn't involve anyone at my church.) I was told that I didn't get any help because I'm not the type of person who helps others. When I said I did, I was told that no really I didn't. And when that was just a bit much and I provided examples, the kind soul (the one who told me I wasn't getting any help because I'm not really a helpful person) changed her mind and said I wasn't getting any help because obviously I was such a contributor that I didn't need any.


    And happy belated birthday.

    Anne / WF

  6. I have such a hard time remembering, I mean REALLY REMEMBERING that it it more about them than about ME.

    Mostly because after getting upset that somebody can hold an opinion that is so not based on reality and so self centered, I then think, "What did I do wrong in raising this person?"

    But perhaps it is one of those biological things just like the terrible twos. DH told me that I should remember Mark Twain's famous quote about his father. Which I can never remember enough of to look up, unfortunately.

  7. I do not agree with your friend on this one at all. I have been to several churches over the years where visitors are beter off just going to the late service at Shoney's.

  8. I agree with David. Even churches that think they are friendly fall down on the job sometimes. We are all thinking about ourselves more than we ought to!


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