Monday, January 07, 2008

Scarey happening while on the freeway.

Yesterday, when I was driving on I-35W through downtown Minneapolis the lens just popped out of my glasses! I'm blind enough without my glasses that if I set them down somewhere, I can't even see well enough to find them, so this was a major cause for concern. Fortunately, I had had the foresight to have put my old glasses in my purse just two days ago. And my companion in the car could dig them out. I can see perfectly to drive with the old glasses, but not good enough to read.

Now, if I take any time to reflect, maybe I can see a spiritual message in that, but since I drove 10 hours, to Minneapolis and back, yesterday, the reflective part of my brain isn't engaged yet. Maybe something about "once I was blind but now I see." And What is it that helps you see? And What if I can't see?

Yes, that is the same freeway where the bridge collapsed last summer.

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