Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fiscal Disaster?

You thought that you knew how bad the economy is, right? Well read this and weep. I sure hope that there are some economic advisers out there who have some new ways of thinking and looking at problems. I can only ask, rhetorically, who OK'd this mess in the first place? Who/which universities taught business and economic classes what didn't question so much spending in comparison to earnings? I know that many stupid lay people, such as my husband and myself, who have always tried to live within our means, couldn't understand the mindset of spend like there is no tomorrow. Let's not just blame the president; the congress votes on the budget. Looks like it is possible that the tables will be turned in the future, hmmmmm.


  1. Although I don't pretend to even slightly comprehend the economic mess this country is in, as far as government spending goes, I've long believed that government should be run -in terms of its spending -like any business is run -try to get the most bang for your buck. Or should I say maybe, the way most reasonable, logical people would tend to try to run their personal finances anyway. Shop around, a bit. I always thought they were supposed to contract work out to the lowest bidder who can provide the best service for the money but I don't think that happens much of the time with the govt. as they hand out contracts apparently to friends who suck the people (us, the taxpayers) bone dry. Just my humble opinion there.

  2. The "lowest bidder" isn't always a bargain. I really don't care if a job goes to the best bid, regardless of price, if a job is done right. The bidding process is partly to blame for the feds having such ridulously old computer systerms, etc.

    But we do need to get back to being realistic about what things cost. We are, for example, getting a four lane road between here and the next town, 30 miles away. Wonderful. But that costs more than twice as much to build as a 2 lane road, and more than twice as much to maintain. Was this ever part of the equations and projections?

  3. We elected them. They passed the budgets. Don't hope for Washington to change.


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