Friday, December 03, 2010

Keeping Christ in Christmas (???)

I got a note on FB urging me to "Like" a website that wants us to keep Christ in  Christmas.  That website is selling stuff to Christians about this topic, urging them to "want" some merchandise shown there.  Here is my response, sent to their "contact us" link:
Regarding keeping Christ in Christmas: Isn't it about time for Christians to acknowledge that the secular parts of Christmas, i.e., the shopping, partying, scramble to spend money, "wanting" certain gifts, baking, decorating, etc. don't have anything to do with the Christ in Christmas? Christmas is about Jesus' birthday, about worshiping the Christ, the son of God, who brought salvation to us, undeserved. Do we decorate and party for a month before anybody else's birthday? Do we spend money on gifts for other people for any body else's birthday?  Do we use anybody else's birthday as an excuse to go over the top to sell stuff, your website included?

Lets acknowledge that most of what we call Christmas or Holiday or whatever, has nothing to do with the Christ who is in the real Christmas. Maybe we should call the church services, the pageant at church, and the intimate family gatherings CHRISTMAS. We can call the rest of the season, the fun stuff and the stressful get-the-gifts stuff, the Winter Holiday Season.  Nothing wrong with having fun, but lets not blame Christ for wanting to party.


  1. Well said Loie. To me the commercial part of all this is actually repulsive. Yet, we will be hauling presents to Colorado for the grandchildren. Still, I've been working on a family history album my son gave me last Christmas to return to him this Christmas. I feel good about that and it gave me much joy in thinking about Christmas's past.

  2. I think your response sums it up quite well. well said.


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