Friday, August 11, 2006

Bible Humor, maybe

Is this funny or not?

Ed. note: GAG!


  1. I don't know.
    Perhaps I need to be American to be able to answer that question. :)

  2. Yes, it is funny in the sense of poking alittle fun, but the real ABS cover is NOT funny at all.

    Everyone repeat after me: we are not the city on the hill established by God to bring light to the world.

  3. The real ABS -- Gag! I saw a website asking the question, was the Red, White and Blue Bible more or less offensive than the one about God loves hookers (paraphrase on my part.)

  4. Oh yeah, the God loves porn star thing. I actually wasn't offended by that at all. The fact that someone wanted to reach out to those in the porn industry is admirable, IMHO.

    For me, the difference between God loves you and God blesses your activity is a pretty big difference. God loves America and porn stars, but God does not bless all of their activities.

    Thanks for the links, btw. This is a good discussion.

  5. Yes, exactly.

    One of our former pastors has traveled all over the world and also done some mission work in Africa twice. One of many things that I admire about his is his greater world view. He could see the difference between American Christianity and how other countries/cultures might view the same thing. BTW, he talked about the demon possession in the NT as being real in Africa.

    I've had a little taste of a multicultural view of things through guests in our home and some foreign travel. When the guests had told us things in letters before hand, we took them literally, but we found out that we totally missed their meaning, even though what they wrote was literally true. This experience has humbled me in the context of taking the Bible literally.

  6. PS - I have to tell you that this is not he first time I heard about NT demon possesion as a literal occurence after experiences in Africa.

    I worked with a woman for a while who was from Kenya. She insisted that is was a real, literal occurence. I remember thinking she was crazy, but then I started hearing more and more stories about it.

    I still don't know what to make of it quite honestly. My rational 21st century brain wants to reject, but I have heard so many bright, trustworthy people make that same assertion.

    Hmmmm...that could be an interesting topic to poll folks on!


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