Friday, August 11, 2006

Have you seen what some Christians are saying about Billy Graham?

I've been running across references to Billy Graham and some very strongly opinions against some things he has said. This article sums up the anti-Graham viewpoint. Did any of you read the Newsweek article? How do you react to what Graham said and how people are interpreting it?


  1. It seems he was making a "safe" comment and perhaps in this day and age, it's better to do that than to be sued for discrimination?
    I wonder if it's just that journalist's interpretation of what BG said and what the journo's motives were.
    There is always going to be someone who seeks to destroy the credibility of Christians and will take things out of context.

  2. Well, there is a discrouse that has taken place in theology about the possibility of redemption outside of faith in Jesus. The author of the linked article seems to have not been privy to that discussion. Alternatively, he sound slike a fundamentalist who may not even care about that discourse.

    I thought the Newsweek article was actually pretty good. I admire Graham on one level, but I am also leery of his views on some things, especially civil rights (during the civil rights movement).

  3. I think that I read that he has changed his mind or regretted some earlier views and comments. He is deliberately less political, more humble, after his vast experiences. Over all, I think many people were blessed through his ministry. I know when an off-shoot of his ministry came to my mother's city in 1976, the local churches were encouraged to participate. My mother started a neighborhood Bible study, amazing for a Lutheran in those days, don't you think?

    Even though the Bible is mostly clear about God's promises, I have real problems with people claiming God's blessing on something that they or their church does. The Hill Top Church "OF GOD", for example. [It just isn't my culture, in any case.] When a fundamentalist or literalist says that God does such and such or doesn't do such and such, I wonder how that person can claim to limit God. If God is truly the creator, which I believe, then God is outside of nature and can do what He chooses. He can change His "rules" if He wants to. Which is exactly what He did with the resurrection. I do believe that God is larger and more powerful than my understanding of God that I get from the Bible.

  4. I think I agree with Caroleanne. Considering the remarks some conservative evangelicals have made in recent months, I think B.G.'s answer was wise. I admire him greatly, and I doubt very much that he suddenly has changed his view on salvation being through Christ. However, he is right...God is the Judge and will do what is right.


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