Thursday, August 31, 2006

Essay on Communion

"I think the thing that strikes me the most is looking at the hands of the people as I put the host into their palm." David wrote this in an great essay on communion here

I hadn't thought of looking at people's hands during communion, but it is right to do so. We are the hands of Christ on earth. It reminds me of a hymn that has a line, "we the hands, we the feet." I can't find that music right now. There is also a hymn by Robin Mann, words by Norman Habel, called "Hand in Hand (1997)." The last verse is:

When I consider God's own church.
sinful sort of saintly band,
I hold my breath, but even more
I stand in awe
when sinners come to share God's meal
hand in hand, hand in hand.
Sinners come to share God's meal,
hand in hand.

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