Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you "JUST" pray?

After reading THIS you might think about chosing your words more carefully.


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  2. Just what you needed - a spammer comment. It was a good article... I'm just not sure that I use just in prayer very often as it's just not a word I use.
    I think it is important what we say when we pray although God knows our hearts and sometimes we just don't have the right words to say.

  3. ...and echoing Carloanne...I just get annoyed beyond words when someone just prays. I just wish that more people would just read that article and just quit just praying. I think God hears all of our prayers, just because he promises to just listen when we just pray.

  4. Regarding the spammer comment: I am actually very interested in East Africa, but I don't post about that on this blog. I won't say more here. But the pictures are interesting and I added that blog to bloglines.

  5. I went to seminary in the south, in an area where the "just" prayers were very common. We had a name for them, the "Jesus Wejus" prayers. As if, one sentence into the prayer, Jesus had forgotten that you were talking to him.

    I know, we shouldn't pick on how people pray, we should just be happy that they are praying. But it sure is distracting.


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