Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where does the money go?

First I read this article about the new basketball coach at the university....$1.7 million plus incentives. Where does this money come from? I hope it isn't from the hard working students' tuition. The whole issue of the finances and culture of college sports really isn't a topic for this blog, but money is.

How money is used is appropriate. We are stewards of what we have been given.

Then I saw this ABC news piece about prominent "ministries" and their wealth and affluent life styles of some of the preachers. Ministry Watch has posted a list of Christian ministries that they say don't do a good job of Christian stewardship with the donations.


  1. sports is a cash cow. The AD pays all that. At my alma mater, football alone creates more money than the dept knows what to do with.

    The bad thing is that while Tubby is a good coach, he is a lousy recruiter. All those people who think he will be a savior of the program are sorely mistaken.

  2. One of the local commentators wrote something similar. I don't really care about the football. But I do care about the whole issue of priorities and stewardship.

  3. What you will find is that many of the schools with large and prosperous sports progams actually pump money back into the school. After UF won the national football title in 1996, the library system received new computers for students use, and an updated digital classroom. Money from these programs also support general as well sports scholarships.

    I think running a good, effective and ethical program only enhances the schools, and helps with the stewardship issue. And when it comes to sports programs, the old business adage holds true: you gotta spend money to make it.


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