Wednesday, June 20, 2007

computer woes

I'm hooked up to the 'net on dial up, but at least I have an "accelerator." My techie friend says that they don't really work, but I know it does because there is a world of difference when I have it turned on or off. But I have to be careful about following links that have a video because I don't want to waste my life waiting for those things to come up on the screen, if, indeed, they ever do.

Well I guess I do already waste quite a bit of my life on the computer. I need to spend more time "Living my Life" rather than reading about other people living theirs.

But, I digress. The dangest problem right now on this computer is that if I click a link that has a pfd file on it, the browser freezes, then the computer freezes. Then I have to turn off the power to the computer, then turn it on an reboot. What a PITA. The Adobe program has a flaw in it somewhere. I can't get it to install the new download, and I can't get the old version off the computer. I am having the same problem with my camera's program.

Well, we have running water.........considering that we didn't for over three months, I guess this computer problem is a small thing. I can keep in touch with my email and blog friends, at least.


  1. Wow, and to think we complain when the cable goes out. Sorry you are having these difficulties, but glad to see you can still update your blog. I enjoy your thoughts and remarks very much.

  2. Thanks.

    Guess you missed my posts about the water problems. We have satellite TV, which is great if you like to watch baseball, which I do. Other than that, like the computer, there are many, many shows that can suck you in endlessly. There are over 200 stations. The TV is from the 80' embarrasses my kids. ha ha

    I like some of the travel and nature shows. I don't watch "stories."

    Satellite TV goes "away" when there is a heavy cloud cover, as during a big rain storm. I wonder if GPS signals also disappear during storms.

  3. I had that problem with Adobe and firefox. I was able to download the newest version , though, and it got fixed. In the meanwhile, does it work with IE?

  4. I think the program is messed up. I have the new version downloaded, but it won't install because the old version is there, but I can't uninstall the old version.

    If I KNOW that a link is a pfd file, I can right click it and donwload the file. But if I left click the link, everything freezes.


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