Friday, July 27, 2007

Bible School

Our church along with a very small church in town are again combining for Bible School, which is next week. I've been attending the planning meetings even though I will be out of town for the Bible School week because I like to do the behind the scenes work best. I help with the posters advertising the week and I make posters about our mission project.

20 people attended the planning meeting this week and many more were mentioned as helping next week who didn't need to be at this meeting. The last day of Bible School (next Friday) a number of people are lined up to take the older children out on pontoon boats fishing. 6 boats with "captains" have been lined up. After they return to the church, lunch is served to all, including any parents who come. While the older kids are out on the lake, the younger kids will visit the nursing home.

The rest of the week is high energy, with worship, Bible Lessons, drama, art, outdoor activities, and food. It is tiring! My daughter's church has a 5 week program. I can't imagine sustaining the energy for that.

Our mission project (collection) will be split between the nursing home's activity department and a school in Africa. Since that is the school I will be visiting in November, I'm sorry I won't be there to present the information to the children.

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  1. At a church I served as youth director in seminary, we did a joint VBS with a small Methodist and small Presbyterian in our neighborhood. We were all too small to pull off a good one on our own, so we would rotate each year. It was a great experience. Have fun with the kids!


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