Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Water, Yeah! River Nay!

I am very happy to report that we finally got a clean official report, so that we once again, have potable water coming out of our tap. We went over three months without running water, and then had to wait and wait for the water to clear up and pass the health department testing.

Unfortunately, we are having a second summer of drought. The river is lower than we've seen it in 30 years. We did have some rain in early June, but since then, well, it hasn't added up.


  1. Gald to hear that you have water again. I can't imaging going with out running water for three months. After hurricane Hugo in 1989 we had to boil the water for about three weeks, but at least we still had water to boil.

  2. Being without water isn't bad once you get some systems in place. We filled gallon jugs with water from town; we had containers with spiggots at the sinks. We had a Sun Shower hung in the bathroom, although we didn't use the sun to heat it. I couldn't lift it when it was full, so that was a problem.

    So it wasn't as bad as it would have been for people in a different era, yet they did just fine too. But the chores of daily living become more time consuming.


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