Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Missing the Boat (news item)

Well, actually, it was the boat that DIDN'T MISS the island....

I heard a news report on TV this morning about a boating accident. A small boat with four people on board hit some rocks and an island. They all had to be taken to the hospital (including being airlifted) to treat their injuries. They were using a GPS navigational device at the time of the accident.

This is the fourth boating accident this month in the northern part of our county during which the accident participants were using a GPS device.

Seems like there should be spiritual lessons in this somewhere, if you'll excuse the mote in my eye/speck in other's eye aspects of the lessons.

Someone spending more time in Bible Study than in living out the Gospel.

Someone depending on exact knowledge of doctrine to save them instead of looking at the Cross.

Someone being adamant about using elaborate liturgy but missing the joy of worship and the Peace that Passes Understanding.

Someone insisting that the Bible is the literal Word of God but missing the living Word of God.

Look up People. See where you are going!


  1. How especially true of the last two.

  2. Using toys like GPS is fun, but I would much rather be WITH people than read about HOW to be with people.

    Nice lessons...thank you.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful (though goofy) illustration of that truth. I may use that one in a sermon one of these days.


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