Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn and the end of the drought

Last week I took a drive south for 30 miles, across the continental divide, where bedrock sticks out of the ground. The maples were in their glory. They are always beautiful, but even more so when they are in contrast to the dark green of pines and spruces. All three species love to grow on high ground and rocky soil. Isn't amazing how what seems to be the worse ground can produce such beauty? Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera along that day. But I did take a picture this past weekend while I was at a retreat.

The mushrooms are growing in my yard. We've had about 4 -5 inches of rain in the last few weeks, slightly making up of the prolonged drought. However, east and north of here, several places had that much rain two different times. The lakes and rivers are again full. Our lawn has been mowed a couple of times this month, but not since early July.

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