Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've arrived... a town on the shore of Lake Michigan after a lot of driving today and a
lot of driving on Friday. Friday, my first stop was at a clinic in a city on
the shore of Lake Superior. Who would have thought that a clinic visit for a
few "shots," scheduled for 10:30 am would not be done until 12:15. I wonder
what THAT will cost! But what a gorgeous view from the third floor windows of
that clinic!

Driving pet peeve: driving on a four lane road, not too many cars near me,
being passed by another car, which then proceeds to pull over right in front of
me so that I have to slow down. Grrrr. Made worse when it is raining and the
passing car has no mud flaps, so that it is followed by a mini cloud which
impairs my vision.

Second driving pet peeve: being stopped by a cop in a suburb because when I
attempted to move to the left lane for a left turn, I looked over my shoulder
and saw a car approaching too fast, so I straightened out back to the center
lane. At the very most, my left front wheel touched the white line. The cop
told me that I should do a better job of watching where I'm driving. "YES
SIR!" Why wasn't that other car, which was traveling twice as fast as anybody
else, the one stopped? The cop also told me that I was "fleeing" from him.
Ahemmmm, I was driving 5 mph, looking for a safe place to stop. My
"witnesses," the passangers in the car, said I did nothing wrong. They were
alertly watching the road with me because they were giving me directions.

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  1. There is nothing like frustrating driving to get the blood pressure up! I hope that otherwise you have a great trip.


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