Monday, September 03, 2007

Christian Reconciliation Carnival: Call for Submissions

The Christian Reconciliation Carnival was started at Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength in January, 2007 as a forum for Christian bloggers to post contributions, as W. F. put it: “It's intended as a "Road to Reconciliation" Carnival, a place where we do not expect too much of ourselves except humility, and a Carnival that is a cease-fire zone.”

See below for this month’s topic, but blog postings on other topics related to Christian Reconciliation may also be nominated (see guidelines). You may nominate blog articles by other writers, as long as the guidelines are followed. In the spirit of reconciliation, how about asking the writer’s permission, please!

To take part in the September Carnival, please send an email here, by 9/10/2007, with your blogging name, topic name, etc. (see guidelines), and a link to the URL of the blog post. Don’t send the links or emails directly to my email address. Please feel free to let your blog friends in on this and/or post a link on your blog.

I’ll compile a list of the postings, which will appear on this blog on about 9/15/2007, God willing, and if my really slow internet connection cooperates.

We reserve the right to not post links to articles that are very similar to another writer’s contribution, and, of course, any that are detrimental to reconciliation.

I chose this month’s topic because I realize that I am really comfortable with my denomination, perhaps stuck in a rut in it, yet over the years I’ve had ah-ha moments when studying the Bible with Christians from other groups. And, I’m looking forward to a trip to Africa where I anticipate worshiping with Christians who will do things quite differently than I’m used to, not to mention, worshiping in another language.

Topic for September, 2007:

How have you experienced Christian worship and practice in another culture or country or denomination that expanded your view of God, worship, or how to live the Christian life? This might include how encountering a different practice led you to a new/different interpretation of some Bible verses. Did you see your own traditional ways with new eyes? Have you heard some Bible passages with new ears? Have you actually changed the way you live or work?

While we may also encounter practices that we reject, this is intended to focus on Christian expressions which broaden our horizons in a positive way.

May God bless your reflection on this topic!

Those wishing to host future CRCs, see guidelines and email here.


  1. Great questions! Thanks. I'll post in the coming days, after giving this topic some thought.

  2. thanks! I'll be posting, probably next week sometime.


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