Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debate and Patriosim

I liked this commentary. Begala says, "They're both good men; both patriots. But they have fundamentally different views about the future of our nation. Debating those differences is a beautiful form of patriotism."


  1. Our country is facing the worst economic disaster since the great depression.
    Even Obama says so.
    It's the responsibility of the Senate to come up with an answer.
    The answer has to be decided in a few days.
    The answer will dramatically affect Americans for generations to come.
    McCain, Obama, and Binden are all U.S. Senators.
    Throughout the campaign, Obama has turned down the chance for 10 townhall debates.
    ... and now, Obama refuses McCain's request that they both postpone the debate to work
    on the economic recovery package ... and Obama declines, in order to campaign???
    ... and, opportunist slime balls, like McKinney and Barr try to capitalize on it?
    I think the facts speak for themselves ...

  2. As an old debate coach Idon't believe that a good debate proves much except, perhaps, who iis the better speaker. There is no such thing as an unbiased moderator .
    We would be better off if we gave each man thirty minutes and had him tell us what he would do if elected without mentioning the other party or candidate. Then we might learn something.


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