Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keeping up

I'm keeping up with Ike and Sarah while at a resort/conference center on a lake in western Minnesota, or as my husband would term it: a scar on the shore of a lake that was beautiful. We are not here for vacation, although for me it is a vacation. I still think that my 21 year old daughter should have been named the Veep candidate, as she also has run a business, but she has actually been to all parts of the world except South America, and when she was on these travels, it was to where the real people live, not just to where the rich Americans play.


  1. Don't for a minute think that either party will pick an ordinary citizen for the Vice President. Ordinary citizens don't get votes.

  2. I wasn't serious. I was just comparing Sarah with an ordinary citizen and still find her wanting.


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