Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too Easy Credit

Wouldn't you think, after the disaster on Wall Street and the mortgage melt-down, that companies would be more careful about easy credit? NOT! We got a notice from our credit card company that they were reissuing our cards with a new account number due to some sort of cyber fraud or stealing of the account numbers. I had to call a phone number to activate the new cards. That meant talking to someone with an accent, who did what was necessary on his computer, and then tried to talk me into accepting a check for $8000, interest free until February, 2008. "No thank you." "Well, the check is ... and it expires if you don't deposit it....bla bla bla." "No thank you." Well, bla bla bla." "No thank you." "Ok." Sheesh.

And what a boring job he must have. I wonder if he gets a commission. My son tried a cold calling job a few years ago and lasted only one day. Some people have no choices.


  1. Why stop issuing easy credit? If these companies get into trouble again the government will just run in and bail them out...again.

  2. unbelievable. of course, it's up to us to say "enough"... perhaps congress is listening.


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