Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Away from Home again

Being away from home has been the story of my life for the last 11 months. I looked ahead to the next 8 months and counted so many possible and definite trips away that I got tired thinking about it. I'm a homebody, for sure.

I suppose I should put on the thankful face and be glad for the freedom to do this. I know I'm glad that I'm not juggling trips to help out with my elderly relative in another state, where I am now, with kids still at home.

Things to be grateful for:
The resourses to take this trip, ie. an extra car and money for gas.
The time to be able to go fairly frequently.
My health, that allows me to drive this far.
Good weather for driving, which has been the case on every trip so far.
A comfortable place to stay for free.
Other relatives that are loving and supportive, who are here, right up the block!

And above all else: This relative who has been such an important, loving part of my life! She is doing pretty well. She loves the Lord. She taught me much about service and faith.

Thanks, blog, I needed to focus on these things! Turn this list into a prayer of thanks to God!

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  1. One of these times we are going to meet, P.S. I hope all went well.


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