Friday, April 06, 2007

"Technology" Update

I've decided that my definition of "Technology" is the means and tools we use to accomplish a task. I’ve been a bit busier with my “lack of technology” at the house. Looks like we won’t have running water until, perhaps, late May. Ditto, for a really usable sewer system. I’ve been meeting many people in the same boat [can you be in the same boat when there is no water?] at the laundromat. I’ve been showering at the school when I go for my pool exercise class. However, some kind of pool pump there broke, so the pool is closed, so I’m not currently getting much of a real shower. A Sun Shower device just isn’t the same.

Someone said, well, it’s like camping. No, not really. Better bed, but the same scenery all the time. And with all the wind we’ve had this winter, I’m glad I’m not camping.

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