Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Same Story Told from Different Points of View, Just Like the Gospels

Several years ago, we visited the Mille Lacs Indian Museum. Without a doubt, it is the most memorable and educational museum I had ever been to. The main exhibit was a life size diorama of the four seasons, the four "technologies" used by the Ojibwe Indians traditionally. Each season had a specific type of house, food, clothing, means of transportation, and means of catching, hunting, or harvesting food.

While I'm sure the people had a hard life, given the harsh winter weather we can have in Minnesota, they also had devised many "technologies" to cope with their needs.

Three of my family members toured with a male Indian guide, the other two with a female guide. When we discussed what we had seen, heard and learned following the tours, we discovered that we learned different "stories" about the lives of the traditional people. The man told much about the hunting and the building of the homes and the canoes. The woman Indian guide stressed the food, clothing and children's needs.

Just as the four Gospels all tell the true story of the life of Jesus, each emphasises slightly different aspects of His life. Different details, different facts, differing facts, but all true.

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