Monday, October 29, 2007

another murder

News article here.

I am pondering the questions about people that are “evil.” Or apparently evil. Why isn’t this more evident? Or perhaps most of us are capable of such evil????

I used to watch Roy Rodgers on TV when I was little. I truly thought that when we grow up, we would kill people. Roy was the good guy and he killed people. When I was an adult, I saw an early Roy Rodgers TV show. He “solved” every problem with violence. Yet in “real life,” he was a Christian.

I saw an interview on TV regarding bombings in Iraq. The policy is that it is OK to kill 30 civilians to get at one bad guy. However, the person interviewed said that they had killed hundreds in this way without ever getting even one bad guy.

I’m sick……..

ed. note: Due to SO's comment, I decided to slightly edit the above comment, since I didn't provide the name of the official who said that.


  1. PS,
    Diane over at Faith in Community has a great post on this.

  2. Well, SO, I probably shouldn't have put Official without the "Official's name." I don't remember the name, but it was a former person in the defense department, interviewed on TV. I probably don't have the resources to track that down. But, I tell you, it was really sad to hear. THere has been a lot out on TV lately regarding policy under the former Secretary of Defense regarding this war that I can't feel very comfortable with.


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