Saturday, October 20, 2007


This article about Undoing Plastic Surgery

struck me as both sad and, well, not exactly funny, but..., hmmmm, ironic???I saw a TV program about a newly retired couple who both went through plastic surgery as a sort of new start to their new life. The camera showed them at the doctor's office. Even the doctor looked "altered." That wasn't a compliment.

A few days ago, a friend noticed that I didn't look so great. I was very tired. I'm not sure that surgery could fix that look.

I wasn't sure what category to put it in either, so I chose "God's World." Maybe, just maybe, the Creator knows best.

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  1. Plastic surgery. Ugh.

    I hope you've been able to rest this weekend---.

    Thank you so much for your e-mail to me. I really appreciated it!

    Take care, Lois.


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