Saturday, June 28, 2008

Conservative Christian critique

Dobson vs Obama: an Evangelical Conservative Christian weighs in.


  1. Dobson suffers from the"If your not like me your not Christian understanding of the faith. Too bad because at times he has good insights.

  2. I agreed totally with the article. Well said, indeed. I have concerns about Obama, and I also like some things. Who I vote for sure won't be based on what Dobson says, partly for the reasons this artcile highlighted..

  3. that was a really fair assessment from a conservative Christian. You may not agree with Obama, but his speech at the Call to Renewal was anything but fruitcake.

    If only everything he said was as cogent!

  4. I've never understood why some people seem to put so much faith in any candidate. I never have. They can't change all that much and they can't control their underlings. But I do hope we get a president that will be an inspirational leader.


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