Monday, June 09, 2008


Wisconsin is a lovely state to drive through if you like rolling hills and valleys, woods, and farms, which I do! However, we have too too too much rain, and even some tornadoes. My daughter actually saw a tornado on Saturday, in the direction they intended to drive, so they went back to the store they had just left.

Sheboygan and south and west of there was inundated with 2 - 10 inches of rain. Cars were in water up to the windows on Saturday evening on the south side of Milwaukee. Lake Delton disappeared due to the earthen dam completely washing out, taking 5 homes with the water. 30 resorts were left high and not so dry. [I'm only repeating what I heard. I don't know how there can be 30 resorts on a lake that is only about 250 acres. The owners of the stranded boats ought to head for God's country, ie Minnesota.]

I've been fortunate to only have seen the rain from behind windows. I just can't imagine how one restores a house that has been soaked with water. Lots of people need lots of help and your prayers.


  1. I saw the terrible destruction on last night's news. Indeed much prayer is needed. Lord in your mercy...

  2. My sister called from Milwaukee Sunday. Their church was flooded out. Never in the history of Jackson Park Lutheran had this ever happened before.
    My nephew's golden Labs were swimming in his backyard in Elk Grove.
    It's historic. Of course, there is no Global Warming!

  3. I saw the governor today as he toured the flooded part of Wisconsin. It real is tragic.


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